We take care of each other.

Somos Salud seeks to inform and keep communities of people of Latin American origin safe and healthy.

Since the beginning of 2020, Somos Salud has worked to safeguard the health and well-being of our communities, which have historically been disproportionately affected by various diseases. Through the work of our partner organizations’ health promoters, we reach people in our communities with vital information on how to better care for their health. Together we work to build a better future.

By donating, you are helping to create a healthier future for our communities.

We are stronger when we work together.

Somos Salud is an Alianza Americas initiative that incorporates several of our member organizations in an effort to address health disparities. We have developed culturally and linguistically tailored programs and practices to share information with members of our communities and safeguard their health. Our initiative also includes an effort to train community health promoters, the inclusion of a language justice perspective, creating linkages between our membership and different health agencies and institutions, and providing access to health services. Together we are doing the work to take care of each other!

Health is a top priority for all communities.

Meet Our Partners

We have been working across 14 states, from California to New York, and from Minnesota to Louisiana. Our efforts have helped us reach more than 100,000 people. Learn more about our partners by clicking here.